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Alton Towers Weekend

2nd  Nov 2019 – Price £119. B&B hotel. 2 day Alton tower ticket.
When: Sat Nov 2nd 05:00Sun Nov 3rd 2019 22:30
Adult, child

Belgium Daytrip

 When: Thursday 31st Oct 2019 04:5521:45

Daytrip to Adinkerke in Belgium to get Alcohol or Tobacco or Belgium Chocolates, then back to France to Wine/Beer Warehouse
Price £49.99
When: Thur 31st Oct 2019 –  04:5521:45
Adult, child

Birmingham Shopping or NEC Knitting & Stitching Show (Craft Show)

When: Sun 3rd Nov 2019 – 06:4521:45

Birmingham Shopping or NEC Knitting & Stitch – NEC

All Daytrips are £32 Shopping, £45 for NEC

2-5 November 2017 · NEC · Birmingham



If you’re already counting the sleeps till Christmas Eve and can’t wait to step into a winter wonderland; or starting as you mean to go on and stocking up early, we can happily let you know that Christmas is coming to NEC Birmingham! Crafts for Christmas is a shiny and bedecked festive dream! This unique event features over 150 exhibitors showcasing their exclusive range of bespoke and unusual gifts, including glass, jewellery, art, candles, ceramics, clothing and so much more. Take part in inspiring workshops, enjoy the live music, taste the wonderful array of festive food and drink, plus you can even get your presents wrapped too.

Adult, child

Blackpool Illuminations Weekend

5th Oct 2019 – Blackpool Illuminations Weekend

Price £79 Adults, £69 Children
1st Day – Time to Explore Blackpool, then a trip through the lights in the evening.
2nd Day – Botany Bay visit, then slowly journey home
Price includes coach travel and B&B hotel
When: Sat October 5 08:15Sun October 6 19:15
Adult, child

Bruges Daytrip

When: Sat Dec 7 – 2019 – 04:55 – 01:45

Daytrip to Adinkerke in Belgium to get Alcohol or Tobacco or Belgium Chocolates, then back to France to Wine/Beer Warehouse + 3 hours at Bruges Christmas Markets (Traffic permitting)
Price £55
When: Sat Dec 7 – 2019 – 04:55 – 01:45
Adult, child

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Derbyshire Daytrip

When – Sun 13th Oct 2019 – £39

Time to explore beautiful Derbyshire Dales – At least 5 hours freetime in total visiting many villages and towns

Adult, child

Disneyland Paris – 3 days

When: December 30 2019  05:00January 1 2020 22:30

1st – Day Depart to Dover and our ferry to Calais. Once docked we make our way to our hotel, we will travel to the Eiffel Tower were you will have time allocated to view this great magnificent structure. 2nd Day – You will spend the day in Disneyland 3rd Day -, we will depart for our journey home late morning, after docking dover we will arrive home around 10pm. B&B hotel either Campanile or Explorer Hotel at a surcharge
Price – £299 Adults, £199 Children

Adult, child


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Harry Potter Daytrip

When: Sunday 17th Nov 2019 08:3020:30

Price £64 Adults, £59 Children
The Harry Potter film series made Leavesden its home for more than ten years. As the books were still being released while the films were being made, the production crew saved many of the iconic sets, props and costumes that were created especially for the films – just in case they were ever needed later on in the series.



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Horse of the Year Show – NEC Birmingham Daytrip

When – Sunday 6th Oct 2019 – £69. Time 7:30am – 9:30pm

When 6th Oct 2019 – NEC – £69 (includes coach travel and entrance)

Horse of the Year Show

The World’s Most Famous Horse Show” returns to Birmingham’s NEC from Wednesday 2nd October – Sunday 6th October 2019


Adult, child