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Alton Towers Weekend

30th Oct 2021 – Price £119. B&B hotel. 2 day Alton tower ticket.
When: Sat 30th Oct 2021 05:00Sun 31st Oct 2021 22:30
Price for Family of 4 or more sharing a room – £99 per person.

Belgium Daytrip

 When: Thursday 7th Oct 2021 04:4521:45

Daytrip to Adinkerke in Belgium to get Alcohol or Tobacco or Belgium Chocolates, then back to France to Wine/Beer Warehouse
Price £49.99
When: Thursday 7th Oct 2021 –  04:4521:45

Birmingham Shopping

When: Tuesday 27th July 2021 06:4521:45

Birmingham Shopping

All Daytrips are £35
When: Tue 27th July 2021 06:4521:45

Blackpool Illuminations Weekend

2nd Oct 2021 – Blackpool Illuminations Weekend

Price £99 Adults, £79 Children
1st Day – Time to Explore Blackpool, then a trip through the lights in the evening.
2nd Day – Botany Bay visit, then slowly journey home
Price includes coach travel and B&B hotel
When: Sat October 2 08:15Sun October 3 19:15

Bournemouth Turkey & Tinsel – 5 days

Monday 15th Nov 2021 – Bournemouth – 5 days – £249

Half Board + 2 excursions

The seaside resort of Bournemouth is regarded as one of England’s finest, with its miles of sandy beaches, elegant piers, landscaped gardens and a vibrant shopping centre.

Bruges Daytrip

When: Sat Dec 4 – 2021 – 04:55 – 01:45

Daytrip to Adinkerke in Belgium to get Alcohol or Tobacco or Belgium Chocolates, then back to France to Wine/Beer Warehouse + 3 hours at Bruges Christmas Markets (Traffic permitting)
Price £55
When: Sat Dec 4 – 2021 – 04:55 – 01:45

Cadburys World

When: Tuesday 27th July 2021 –  06:1520:15

Cadburys World

Price Only £59 Adults, £54 Children

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Disneyland Paris – 3 days

When: December 30 2021  05:00January 1 2022 22:30

1st – Day Depart to Dover and our ferry to Calais. Once docked we make our way to our hotel, we will travel to the Eiffel Tower were you will have time allocated to view this great magnificent structure. 2nd Day – You will spend the day in Disneyland 3rd Day -, we will depart for our journey home late morning, after docking dover we will arrive home around 10pm. B&B hotel either Campanile or Explorer Hotel at a surcharge
Price – £299 Adults, £199 Children

Eastbourne Turkey & Tinsel – 5 days

Eastbourne – 5 days

1st November 2021 – Price only £249. Half Board Hotel, and Two excursions included

Enjoy a Turkey & Tinsel’ themed break to the bustling seaside resort of Eastbourne. It is famous for its flower decked promenade and gardens, beaches and excellent facilities.


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Folkestone Weekend + Belgium Daytrip

13th Nov 2021 – Folkestone Weekend including Belgium Daytrip

Price £99 each
1st Day – Visit to Belgium, then back to Folkestone in evening.
2nd Day – Visit Canterbury and slowly make our way home
B&B Hotel
When: Sat 13th Nov 2021  05:15Sun 14th Nov 2021 18:15


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